Embrace tango
Conor McClure


Based out of San Jose, CA, Conor McClure has been dancing tango for eight years and teaching for the past five years.  Conor brings years of experience as a social dancer and a two time Stage Tango competitor in the ATUSA Championships, placing 3rd in 2014 and 4th in 2015 with his partner Carolina Elisa.

Conor focuses on preparing students for the social dance floor by providing them with a strong technical foundation, including instruction on the technique, figures, skills, and etiquette necessary to attend milongas. 

In addition to tango, Conor has an extensive background in ballroom, jazz, modern, ballet, and Pilates, all of which inform his teaching methods.

Argentine Tango is a complex dance- elegant, sensual, passionate, and intricate. Unlike most other social dances, Argentine Tango does not have a set syllabus of choreographed figures to be performed on the dance floor. Instead, partners improvise together to chain together sequences of steps, pivots, crosses, and subtle changes of weight, allowing each dancer to interpret the music. Since its inception in Buenos Aires and subsequent global popularity, the dance has established itself as one of the most iconic partner dances. The SF Bay Area boasts one of the strongest communities in the United States, with opportunities to dance every night of the week.  


Photo credit to Nikolay Chigirev and Victoria Smyrniotis