Practice How You Perform: More Thoughts on Taking Class

Direct advice: Practice the way you want to dance at the milonga.

If you're not going to do it on the social dance floor, don't get accustomed to it in classes and practicas.

If you're in a group class, maintain line of dance where possible and practice watching for other couples. You're just as likely to run into someone whether there's one other couple in class or five if you never look up. Don't cut through the center of the floor. It's not an option when you're at a milonga and getting used to it in class will prevent you from developing the skills necessary to continue directing your figures down line of dance.

Practice whatever embrace you most commonly use while out social dancing. If the milongas you regularly attend are almost exclusively close embrace, then try to use close embrace where possible. There are of course some exceptions: You must respect the embrace that your partner is comfortable dancing in and you should dance whatever embrace is most suited to the material being presented in the class.