Performance and Perception

It's not just our abilities, but our perception of our abilities that matters. One who is unsure of their strength will be hesitant to test it, while a confident novice will happily wade in.

We experience all the time as social dancers. We feel that we are dancing to the best of our abilities until a new experience throws doubt on what we have done before, making us question our understanding of the dance and sometimes even our memories of enjoying dancing until that point. Until this new information is integrated into our practice, the thought of dancing without it can be paralyzing. Traumatizing as this may sound, these experiences are necessary to growing in any field.

We don't know what we don't know until we discover it. We can either greet these revelations with embarrassment, wondering how we could have been missing something for so long, or with excitement, glad to have the chance to further our understanding and enjoyment of the dance.

I'm still working on the latter.