2018 Travel Schedule:

I spend a considerable portion of the year traveling for competition and training. If you'd like to follow my competitions over the next few months, here is my upcoming travel schedule!

1/12/18-1/14/18 Monterey Swingfest (Monterey, CA)
1/18/18-1/23/18 SwingCouver (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

2/16/18-2/19/18 Capital Swing (Sacramento, CA)

3/1/18-3/6/18 MADJam (Baltimore, MD) and training in Kentucky
3/9/18-3/12/18 Chicago Classic (Chicago, IL)
3/17/18-3/18/18 All-Star Swing Jam (Danville, CA)
3/30/18-4/2/18 Seattle Easter Swing (Seattle, WA)

4/13/18-4/15/18 City of Angels (Los Angeles, CA)
4/27/18-4/29/18 Swing Dance America (Lake Geneva, WI)
4/30/18-5/2/18 Training in NY State (New York, NY)

5/11/18-5/14/18 Swing Diego (San Diego, CA)
5/25/18-5/28/18 Grand Nationals (Atlanta, GA)

6/28/18-7/1/18 Liberty Swing (Newark, NJ)

7/2/18-7/5/18 Dallas Intensive (Dallas, TX)
7/6/18-7/9/18 Wild Wild Westie (Dallas TX)

8/2/18-8/5/18 Swingtacular (Burlingame, CA)
8/30/18-9/3/18 South Bay Dance Fling (San Jose, CA)

9/27/18-10/1/18 Atlanta Swing Classic (Atlanta, GA)

10/4/18-10/7/18 Boogie by the Bay (Burlingame, CA)
10/25/18-10/28/18 Halloween Swingthing (Los Angeles, CA)

11/22/18-11/26/18 US Open Swing Dance Championships (Burbank, CA)
11/29/18-12/2/18 TAP (Orange County, CA)