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Conor McClure


If you're brand new to partner dancing or a regular at the local milongas, I can help you achieve your goals as a dancer, whether that's attending weekly group classes with confidence or becoming a sought after partner at milongas and practicas.

I focus on preparing students by providing them with a strong technical foundation, including instruction on the technique, figures, skills, and etiquette necessary to thrive in the tango community.

In addition to tango, I have an extensive background in ballroom, jazz, modern, ballet, and Pilates, all of which inform my teaching methods.

About Tango:

Argentine Tango is a complex dance- elegant, sensual, passionate, and intricate. Unlike most other social dances, Argentine Tango does not have a set syllabus of choreographed figures to be performed on the dance floor. Instead, partners improvise together to chain together sequences of steps, pivots, crosses, and subtle changes of weight, allowing each dancer to interpret the music. Since its inception in Buenos Aires and subsequent global popularity, the dance has established itself as one of the most iconic partner dances. The SF Bay Area boasts one of the strongest communities in the United States, with opportunities to dance every night of the week.  


Photo credit to Nikolay Chigirev and Victoria Smyrniotis

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the most efficient way to progress as a dancer. Focusing on your specific needs as a dancer, I can address any concerns you may have and find the best way of helping you understand the dance, whether you're a beginner who finds group classes move too quickly, a more advanced dancer who wants a challenge, or a dancer who wants to move forward and isn't sure how.

From the technical skills of a well performed step or the mental skills of understanding when and how to appropriately embellish a movement, private lessons can take your dancing to the next level.

1 Lesson: $100

Have a question or technical point you want clarified from a recent class you took? Looking for an exercise or two to step up your own practice? A single lesson might be just what you need to jump start your dancing.

5 Lesson package: $475

(Save $25 when purchasing this package)

If you're looking to have a larger impact on your dancing, I recommend taking several lessons over the course of a few weeks and staying accountable to solo practice. This will give you enough time between lessons to work on the material you've learned and apply it at classes and practicas.

10 Lesson Package: $900

(Save $100 when purchasing this package)

Pursuing a longer term goal in your dancing takes time- whether it's making yourself a sought after dancer on the social floor or getting a strong enough grasp of the material to attend any class, you can get there through enough practice. The ten lesson package is intended for those who know they want to work on their dancing over a longer period of time, taking away insights from lessons to inform their dancing. If you're really looking to improve your tango dancing, this is the way to go!

I'd love to hear from you!

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